5-07-2018, 05:00
Things are heating up in Syria: SAA blocks US base, Russian military persuade militants to surrender, helicopters in the sky (VIDEO)

The situation in Syria is still tense. An uneasy situation develops in the Southern de-escalation..

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11-06-2018, 01:43
Idlib: Blatant lie about Russian AF of an attempt to escape requital (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

On June 7 «White Helmets» published another provocative video, which allegedly shows the..

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5-03-2018, 19:28
New "Bana from Aleepo:" How mainstream media exploit children (VIDEO)

As the Syrian Army battles jihadist insurgents in Eastern Ghouta a mainstream media propaganda..

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19-01-2018, 16:00
Battle for Idlib: militants flee, SAA tanks are on the war pass closing the «pocket» (VIDEO, MAP)

Syrian TV channel Sama TV aired war report from Idlib’s South-East where it shows substancial..

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19-01-2018, 13:09
Famous German rap-singer from ISIS liquidated in Syria, previously «killed» by US AF in 2016 (GRAPHIC)

«Al Wafa» «agency» affiliated with ISIS media wing reported death of the famous German rap-singer..

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18-01-2018, 19:49
«Rooks have come!» — Russian Air Forces smash «Al-Qaeda» in Idlib, «Тigers» liberate cities (VIDEO)

Media resources associated with terrorist gangs published series of videos showing Russian war..

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18-01-2018, 17:05
Slaughter in Syria: Army fights «Al-Qaeda», corpses are everywhere, severe clashes — details (PHOTO 18+)

War reporter Oleg Blokhin known for his coverage of Syrian events has told us the latest updates on..

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18-01-2018, 15:28
Famous war reporter died in a battle near Damascus (+VIDEO, PHOTO)

Syrian Arab army political administration officer Waleed Jabur Halil (39) died during Harasta..

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15-01-2018, 16:09
Defeat in the pocket: Russian AF and SAA liberated about 100 towns and villages on the road to Idlib (PHOTO, VIDEO, MAP)

Syrian Arab army and its allies supported by Russian Air Force have liberated from terrorists more..

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15-01-2018, 15:14
«Rusi spasibo!» — Syrians saved from islamists meet Russian military (PHOTO)

Islamits’ sudden attacks. Blood and destruction. These are just small part of those hardships and..

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10-01-2018, 20:56
Syrians' uprising against the gangs: bloody battles and mass arrests near Damascus

Over the three recent day the situation in Babilla to the South of Damascus has aggravated. This is..

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8-01-2018, 05:04
BREAKING: Powerful blast in Idlib destroyed Caucasus militants command point, 100 dead and wounded (+VIDEO, PHOTO)

Idlib, the capital of the Syrian islamists has just heard powerful blast. Local activists report..

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8-01-2018, 03:58
Syrian militants joined forces with Ukranians and «destroyed» Russian airbase in Syria with twitter-missiles

As reported by «Russian Spring» there was new attempt of makeshift drones attack at Hmeymim airbase..

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6-01-2018, 22:58
The Battle for the Orthodoxy Center of Syria: Al-Qaeda assaults Maalula (VIDEO)

During the long years of war in Syria, militants killed thousands of women and children, destroyed..

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